The Cone Gatherers Preview

I’m just about to begin reading The Cone Gatherers by Robin Jenkins, a book in which I meant to read a while ago but lost. Having now bought a new copy, with a quote from Andrew Marr stating it as the “best-kept secret in modern British literature”, I hope to start soon and post a review to go along with it.

For those who have ot read it, here’s the blurb: Calum and Neil are the cone-gatherers — two brothers at work in the forest of a large Scottish estate. But the harmony of their life together is shadowed by the obsessive hatred of Duror, the gamekeeper.

Set during the Second World War, Robin Jenkins’ greatest novel is an immensely powerful examination of good and evil, and mankind’s prosperity for both. Removed from the destruction and bloodshed of the war, the brothers’ oblivious happiness becomes increasingly fragile as darker forces close in around them.

Suspenseful, dark and unforgettable, The Cone Gatherers is a towering work of fiction, a masterpiece of modern Scottish literature.

According to all of that have read it (or at least of those in which I know), it’s a moving story filled with melancholy, and one which I hope to read and review promptly.


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