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As well as my first review, I’ve added a Reading/Read page, Favourite Books, and furthered the About page to have a few links with sections of review and general uncategorised but not necessarily unwanted posts. These may become of use if either this blog or myself live to see the day in which there is a reasonable amount of posts, so I thought I’d be optimistic and get in their early. Enjoy.

UPDATE: Screw the About page bit, as I’ve added a menu to navigate reviews.



Alright, this blog, despite some trouble logging in, is up and running now. I think. All should transmit smoothly and connect reasonably quickly. No better time to do an intro then, no?

With perseverance and luck, this should become a site of opinions and review on books and literary things, but don’t expect miracles. Instead, wait for a bunch of irregularly updated nonsense, which is a shame to WordPress, a shame to blogging, even a shame to the almighty, all-accepting internet. It will probably be that bad. You should probably just close the window and run for your life, but that would be silly. I mean, what can a cheapskate blog do, to me? Nothing, right? Right?


Testing, testing…

I do hope this works. Until I get the hang of this damn old thing, I’m stuck with this pink background. Grrr…

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